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Easy Fundamentals That Will Triple Your Second Date Odds

first date

Stop trying to control attraction and chemistry on a first date. Even legit chemists agree they have no idea what women want or why they like what they like.

While you can't control chemistry, you can certainly control your behavior.

Here's some basic as fuck first date (and more) etiquette that will give you the best chances of keeping her interested in you and double your odds of getting a second date...

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Women Don’t Want to Hang out, They Want to Go Out

wanna hang out?

I'm not looking for friends. Don't get me wrong, I love people.

I'm always in the process of bringing amazing people into my life, but life is short and my time is precious. I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do, so making new friends isn't a priority.

But meeting a partner is. I want love, and I want sex, and I want both to be good and plentiful.

When I meet someone I'm interested in, I refuse to let ambiguity and laziness rule my life.

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Dating Unavailable People Will Destroy Your Sanity


People can be unavailable for different reasons.

Maybe they're not available for the kind of relationship you're looking for. They might want casual short term dating and you're looking for something more serious.

Maybe they're unavailable for your kind of relationship style. Some folks need constant communication and others prefer a lighter touch.

Or they might be unavailable because they're just not interested in you and you're not picking up the hints.Continue reading

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Online Dating Was a Huge Waste of Time

online dating

I’ve met some lovely people though online dating.

That’s where I met my most recent ex. She’s wonderful, we still talk almost every week.

I’ve also met some incredible sex partners online. When I was horny, I could line up a sex date in a few hours if I was lucky.

One day I’ll share my outgoing messages with you. I’ll figure out which messages worked and why. I’m sure there’s a formula for why some worked better than others.Continue reading

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How To Quickly Recover After A Brutal Rejection

What to say after the person you just asked out tells you they have a boyfriend

I just moved to Montreal in November of last year

Roger and I spent 9 months driving from San Francisco to Montreal, exploring the United States and living in the back of my pickup. A dirtbag version of John Steinbeck's Travels With Charlie in Search of America if you will. Great book, I learned a lot from reading it before my trip.

Here's one thing I learned. Offer strangers something to eat or drink, especially if you might've parked on their land inadvertently. This will lower your odds of getting shot.Continue reading

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This Is My Favorite Thing About You

It's all about the left field

I love saying something out of left field when I'm talking to a stranger. It's my favorite. It's usually to a woman, but not always. Remember, I flirt with everybody all the time, as long as it's appropriate, and it won't get me beat up.

I don't want to get beat up because I'm not a fighter, I don't know how to fight. In high school I almost got into a fight but right before the kid threw a punch, I pretended to lose a contact and started looking for it on the ground.

The kid just shook his head, it was embarrassing. I think I lost.Continue reading