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My guests and I explore the big questions that we should all be talking about more. Talking about sex and love isn't always easy but it doesn't have to be awkward. We'll show you how. 

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The Latest Episode:

EP27 This is How to Attract Your Life Partner
Are you wanting to attract your life partner? I've been single long enough to try anything and Sarrah Rose has a beautiful approach that just makes sense.

Past Episodes:

EP26 How to be an Ethical Hookup (11 Ways)
Are you an ethical hookup? Want to learn what it means to be an ethical hookup? Yana Tallon-Hicks gives you 11 ways to be a more ethical hookup.
EP25 Free Love Advice: Single For 15 Years
A gay Texan man has been single for nearly 20 years and he's not sure what to do anymore. Plus 3 more stories of people looking for Free Love Advice in NYC.
EP24 How To Make Love Not Porn With Sarah Beall
Make Love Not Porn is a curated, real-world sex video sharing site where people share the sex they have in their everyday lives. Real and porn cliche-free.
EP23 Burning Man Sex: Part II of “The Guide”
Down & dirty tips to having more sex at Burning Man from 3 pros. Logistics, cleanliness, how to ask for sex, how to pimp your pad, and more.
EP22 Burning Man Sex: What You Need to Know Part I
Burning Man Sex. Two stories from people looking to have sex at Burning Man and both end up at the orgy dome and in tears. It's that time of the year again.
EP21 How To Be Great at Eating Pussy (5 Ways!)
Want to be great at eating pussy? April and Amy from The Shameless Sex Podcast interview me about my five steps to being great at eating pussy.
EP20 How to Get Freaky with Charlie Glickman
Charlie Glickman shares how to use consent and playfulness when inviting people to get freaky. Use this 'invitation template' to avoid being creepy.
EP19 Free Love Advice, Part 2: Get Over Your Ex
On today's segment of Free Love Advice, two conversations with men who either need to get over their ex-girfriend or learn how to say "I Love You."
EP18 Behind The Scenes: The Life of a Pro-Domme
Goddess Jenilee pulls back the curtain and shows us what being a full-time pro-domme is all about and talks about her clients and their fantasies.
EP17 Is That How Clowns Really Have Sex?
Fiona Ross is the creator of Is That How Clowns Have Sex? A one-woman, queer, clown sex-ed show where she answers the real questions we need answers to.
EP16 An Actress On Her Uncomfortable Movie Sex Experience
Sex scenes can be fun to watch, but a nightmare to shoot. Especially if you're a new young actress and the director makes you uncomfortable on set.
EP15 The Survival Guide to Devastating Breakups
What do you do when the love of your life walks out the door? You get to work. Sam Lamott tells us how he did it.
EP14 Free Love Advice, Part 1: Women Wanting More
Women who want more out of their partners, their sex life, and the men they’d like to get to know better.
EP13 Is Sex Addiction a Problem For You?
Would you recognize sex addiction if you saw it? Are you looking at more porn than usual? Therapist Ashley Miller tells us the signs and treatment options.
EP12 What Is the Role of Gender in Technology?
How does the gender of those developing technologies affect the way we use them?
EP11 What is a Squirting Orgasm and How to Make it Happen
Is it true that ALL women are capable of experiencing a squirting orgasm? Aude-Olivia tells us if it's possible, and how to achieve it.
EP 10 Dr. Scott: How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction will affect nearly all men at one point in their life. Dr Scott Jacobson discusses treatments for sexual dysfunction.
EP09 How to Treat Painful Sex with Pelvic Floor Release
What is the pelvic floor and why do we need to release it?
EP08 The Spiritual Playboy on Cultivating Sex Magic
Frank Mondeose is The Spiritual Playboy and we'll show you how to cultivate sex magic, have more powerful orgasms, and get what you want by asking for it.

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