All About Emotional Availability

All About Emotional Availability Workshop

The concept of emotional availability gets tossed around a lot these days, but no one's talking about what it means to be emotionally available.

We're not exploring how we can drop our defenses, open up, and show up more vulnerable. 

And yet, this is the work. 

Being unavailable is a defense mechanism; it protects your precious heart and prevents you from getting cripplingly wounded.

It also blocks you from being open to love. 

How can you taste the fruits of love and intimacy if you don't open up that precious heart of yours?

You can't.

Love requires vulnerability

People comfortable with vulnerability are hard to be around. They force us to meet them in their space, and that space can be scary.

That space is also beautiful, tender, profound, and intimate.

Being emotionally available means being open to getting hurt, and it also means being open to the deepest and juiciest kind of love possible.

You can't open up to one and not the other. 

And, you can minimize your risk by being careful with who you allow into your heart.

The best way to maximize love while reducing pain is by identifying those who are available to the full richness of the human experience. 

Emotionally available people are:

  • Vulnerable, transparent, and reliable
  • Communicative and honest
  • Humble, generous, and consistent
  • Stable and secure
  • Willing to compromise and know when to show up
  • Aware of their weaknesses and working on them
  • Ready to meet you halfway and do the work

This list is a tall order, I know.

And I'm proposing we begin to do this work together. We'll do what it takes to attract emotionally available partners and be emotionally available ourselves. 

And this work will pay dividends for the rest of your life and in all your relationships.

Sound good?

This workshop on emotional availability is for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Become more emotionally available yourself
  • Recognize emotional availability in others
  • Increase the emotional availability in your current relationship
  • Sit with emotional discomfort
  • Turn towards intimacy with an open heart

Here are some questions that we'll answer together

  • Am I emotionally unavailable or just afraid of love?
  • How can I balance oversharing with under sharing?
  • Why am I drawn to unavailable people?
  • How can I identify emotional availability in others?
  • How can I feel less anxious about being vulnerable?

What you'll receive immediately:

  • 7 hours of recorded webinar sessions
  • A 100-page Comprehensive Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation, i.e., a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.
  • Access to The Lovebird Club A private Facebook group for fellow students to support each other and grow together.
  • Access to two months of  live Q&A Webinars (a total of four 75-min calls)

You receive unlimited and perpetual access to all of the above for 125 USD.

FAQ about the emotional availability workshop

What if I'm not in a romantic relationship?

Emotional intimacy and availability is for everyone and these skills can pay dividends in all your relationships. 

I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

You'll get access to a comprehensive resource eocucment. You can leave  question in the document and I'll answer it (give me 2 business days, please).

You also get access to two months of Q&A webinars (four sessions total) and you're welcome to submit a question then as well. 

What is The Lovebird Club?

The Lovebird Club is a private Facebook* group, facilitated by me (Shaun) for current and past clients of The Love Drive. Anyone having signed up for group coaching, private coaching or my upcoming video courses will receive an invite into the group. 

Members are committed to deepening their capacity to love and willing to do work required. You're encouraged to engage in conversation meant to support our collecting and individual well being. 

*Facebook is not my preferred platform, but it's the easiest to set up, and the one folks are most familiar with.

Are you ready to go?

Testimonial for this workshop

"Shaun is an engaging and insightful presenter. His words have helped me navigate many tough conversations with loved ones. I am fortunate to have taken his workshop."

- Suhail, Emotional Availability Workshop Student
"This workshop really helped me understand more clearly the validity of my feelings and that I have a choice about who I share these with and how. "

- Caroline, Emotional Availability Workshop Student
This work is important for emotional healing, and Shaun makes it accessible and inclusive wherever you are on this journey."

- Carmen, Emotional Availability Workshop Student

"I have taken two workshops with Shaun, and I am impressed every time. He is a great communicator and breaks down complicated topics in an approachable way. Plus, you can connect with an amazing community of people committed to being their best selves."

- KimberlyEmotional Availability Workshop Student


"Shaun can make you feel fully worthy of being fully human and yourself. I went in with the 'goal' of finding a romantic relationship, and I walked away with starting and continuing a deep loving, lifelong relationship with myself."


- Chenese, Emotional Availability Workshop Student


"The workshop was packed full of information directly applicable to my life. Even though it was a well-attended class, Shaun made it feel warm and personal."


- Chuck, Emotional Availability Workshop Student


"Honestly, this workshop gives me tangible ways to be more present and not be so afraid and ashamed of my emotions. I am understanding the truth that becoming more available to myself will allow me to be more available to a partner.

This is priceless. Thanks for unlocking this in me, Shaun."


- Linda, Emotional Availability Workshop Student

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