Course Overview

The best way to get your needs met is to identify them, find a variety of ways of getting them met, and making requests that work.

If you're like most of us, you didn't learn these skills in school or from your role models.

And if you have a hard time identifying what you need or what you're feeling, you're in the right place (and you're not alone).

In this course, you'll learn how to identify your needs, find a variety of ways of getting those needs met, and your options when your needs aren't being met (you have several).

You'll learn how to ask for more touch, more attention, more affection, and more space (we'll explore every love language).

You'll learn how to talk about your sexual needs, how to say no with love, and how to talk about unwanted behaviors.

And you'll walk away with specific language and scripts you can use to make requests that work so that you can start building a more empowered and fulfilling life.

You'll have access to four 90-min recorded video sessions, a step-by-step resource document with real-world examples of scripts and needs, and a private support group to work through the content.

Course Content

— Three 90-min Zoom sessions

— A 90-min Q&A 

— A 65-page Comprehensive Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation, i.e., a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.

— Access to a private Facebook group for fellow students to support each other, grow together, and ask questions (membership is optional, not joining the group won't affect your chances of learning from the course material).

All this for $150. 

The course is available for download


Who is this workshop for?

People who want to learn to identify their needs, find a variety of ways of getting those needs met, and learn to make requests that work. You can use these tools in all your relationships: romantic, platonic, familial, and professional. 

I can't afford it, do you offer a discount?

Yes. If you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color and need some financial aid, I'd love to provide some for you.

I want to make this course and its tools are more available to underrepresented and disenfranchised groups by offering the course for $75 to those interested.

If this is you, please use this link to sign up.

I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

You'll get access to a comprehensive resource document. You can leave question in the document and I'll answer it (give me 2 business days, please). 

You also get access to a bonus Q&A and a private Facebook group to ask your questions. 

Why Facebook?

Facebook isn't my preferred platform, but it's the easiest to set up, and the one folks are most familiar with. Joining is optional and not joining the group won't affect your chances of learning from the course material.

I don't see my question here, can I contact you?

Sure, send me an email and I'll be thrilled to answer you. 

If you're ready to sign up, click the button below.

Course Testimonials

"If you struggle with identifying your emotions, desires, needs, and deal breakers, I HIGHLY recommend taking Shaun's course. My first session caused me to have a few light bulb moments, and I'm happy I made this step for myself. You would be too."

— Anna, Getting Your Needs Met Student

"Woah. Amazed at how much clarity I gained in such a short amount of time. This is exactly what I needed in life right now. I trust this is going to be extremely helpful in navigating the beginnings of the new relationship I’m in, and confident that it will contribute to a more successful outcome than without these tools. Grateful!"

— Ashley, Getting Your Needs Met Student

"With kindness and warmth, Shaun imparted an incredible course on the challenging topic of getting your needs met. Not only have I learned something new, but I also shared a fun experience with kindred souls. I look forwards to put into practive what I've learned everyday. 

— Mauricio, Getting Your Needs Met Student

"Not everyone can reach out to people like Shaun but when we found Him we never looked back! So many people look at the Big issues most of the time it’s the small ones that really count. 
Thank you Shaun!

— John, Getting Your Needs Met Student

Meet Your Coach

Shaun is a love coach, host of The Love Drive podcast, and online course creator — teaching people communication and intimacy skills for better relationships and more love. 

He’s certified in Professional Coaching, Rape Crisis Counseling, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal Communication from UC Santa Barbara. 

When he's not teaching courses or recording his podcast, he's continuing to learn about love and playing with his dog in Montreal.

All this for $150. We start January 28th.