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Healing Your Inner Child with Chloé Huth

We all have an inner child full of love, creativity, intuition, and wisdom. And that inner child in all of us sometimes needs some extra love and some healing. 

Chloé Huth is a child psychologist and therapist and together we go deep on how to heal our inner child wounds, the importance of being able to recognize and name a wide range of feelings, how our environment growing up affects our ability to regulate our emotions, and much more. 

What you'll learn (or why you should care):

• How to begin healing and loving your inner child

• The importance of community in healthy childhood and adult development

• How you can begin reparenting yourself today

 Where to find Chloé:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/parents.of.berlin


Parents of Berlin: www.parentsofberlin.com 

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