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Loving Bravely with Dr. Alexandra Solomon


Relational Self Awareness

Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a love nerd, there's no denying it. She's dedicated her life to the pursuit of learning about love and teaching those around her how to love. She's a clinical psychologist, a professor who teaches the Marriage 101 class at Northwestern University, the author of my new favorite book, Loving Bravely, and so much more.

This is a lovely and sincere conversation about vulnerability, boundaries, relational self-awareness, attachment theory, and so much more. 

What you'll learn (or why you should care):

• Why relational self-awareness is key to a healthy relationship

• That reason that even therapists need therapists

• The importance of boundaries 

• Why we choose partners that trigger our old wounds

Where to find Dr. Alexandra Solomon:

Dr. Alexandra Solomon on the Web | http://www.dralexandrasolomon.com/

Dr. Alexandra Solomon's book, Loving Bravelyhttps://amzn.to/2XgVZdk

Dr. Alexandra Solomon on Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/dr.alexandra.solomon

Dr. Alexandra Solomon on Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/dralexandrasolomon

Mentioned on the podcast:

Read an excerpt:

Dr. Alexandra Solomon: I'm Dr. Alexandra Solomon. I'm a practicing licensed clinical psychologist. I work with individuals and couples. That's one point. There's the teaching. I train graduate students to do couples therapy and I teach undergraduate relationship education class at Northwestern University.

And then the third point of the triangle is that I write, I blog to all different audiences, professional audiences and lay audiences, and young and old, and that's the external facing translating what happens in academia and in clinical work, translating that to the general public.

Shaun Galanos: I get the impression that you're really into love.

Dr. Alexandra Solomon: I call myself a love nerd. I'm unapologetically obsessed with romantic love, all kinds of love, but romantic love. I love nerding out and I want everyone to be as into it as I am.

Shaun Galanos: I love the concept of a love nerd. I guess I would identify as a love nerd as well. Certainly not an expert. Certainly not a guru. But like a student of love.

Dr. Alexandra Solomon: I'm a student of love. I've been married to Todd Solomon for 20 plus years and I am a student of his love and have been and continue to be.

Shaun Galanos: You said that love is a classroom. What do you mean by that?

Read the complete Loving Bravely transcript here

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