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Cultivating Your Pleasure with Euphemia Russell

Euphemia Russell

Pleasure is fundamental to happiness, productivity, and health. And in this hyper-productive world, we're likely to put pleasure on the back burner as we strive to get more shit done.

Euphemia Russell is a pleasure educator, and they believe that it's best to "do less, better". I agree. Let's focus more on cultivating pleasure within ourselves (and with others) and less on being productive (and oh so busy!)

They've dedicated their life to resourcing people with practical pleasure and embodiment tools through coaching, writing, and facilitation. And they were a delight to connect with on the topics of pleasure, passion, and the power of slow sex.

What you'll learn (or why you should care):

• The role of the central nervous system in pleasure activation

• How to release stress in the body using simple daily pleasure practices

• The power of slow sex and the importance of pleasure mapping

Where to find Euphemia Russell

I Wish You Knew Website



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Make Love Not Porn (not discussed in the podcast but an excellent resource for real sex videos)

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