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Authentic Seduction Skills with Dr. Alison Ash


Sleaze-Free Seduction

We can't flirt and seduce like we use to. The landscape is changing and what we used to get away with no longer works. It's time to step up our seduction game, but how are we supposed to know what works when different people react to different approaches.

Thank goodness for people like Dr. Alison Ash. She's a sex and intimacy coach, educator, and the founder of She's the host of a fantastic workshop called Sleaze-Free Seduction Skills and she's here to show us how sexy seduction can be when it's done with respect and honesty. Let's dive in. 

What you'll learn about intuitive eating (or why you should care):

• The Three-Part Invite to minimize your risk of getting it wrong

• How The Almost Kiss takes the guesswork out of the first kiss

• What you can do to make talking about consent sexy

• Real life examples of sleaze-free seduction you can start using right away

Where to find Dr. Alison Ash

Mentioned on the podcast:

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And for you visual learners, here's the full unedited video:

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