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The Science Of Sexual Fantasies with Justin Lehmiller

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Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute where he studies the science of sex and relationships. Justin is also the author of the blog Sex & Psychology as well as the author of the book “Tell Me What You Want”. Today we’re talking about sharing your sexual fantasies, building intimacy in your relationships, and how to get more of what you want in your sex life.

What you'll learn (or why you should care):

  • How to have a conversation about your fantasies without intimidating your partner 

  • You’ll learn the 7 common themes in sexual fantasies

  • How planning sex may actually boost your sex life

  • You’ll learn what your fantasies actually say about you

  • Uncovering the roots of sexual problems 

  • How sharing fantasies can be used as a tool for heightened arousal

Where to find Dr. Justin Lehmiller:

Sex & Psychology Blog




Tell Me What You Want by Justin Lehmiller

The Ethical Slut by Easton & Hardy

The Jealousy Workbook by Kathy Labriola 

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