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The Problem with Sex Education with Julia Feldman

Part one

Part two

    Julia Feldman is a teacher, sex educator, and creator behind the popular Instagram account Giving The Talk. Julia believes that communication and relation tools are fundamental skills that we should be teaching alongside sex education from a very early age, and I whole-heartedly agree. 

    This is part one of our two-part conversation. 

    In part one you'll learn:

    • How to talk about over-apologizing
    • Why giving unsolicited advice can shut some people down (including myself)
    • How to develop well-paced sex education curriculums

    In part two you'll learn:

  • How your sexuality is continually evolving
  • The ice cream analogy of finding new pleasure in your body   
  • How to explore self-pleasure from a place of curiosity rather than release
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Shaun Galanos

Shaun Galanos is a love coach and host of The Love Drive podcast. His mission is to spread love through emotional intimacy. He lives in Montreal with his dog, Roger.