The Love Drive Consulting

There’s something about a one-on-one experience that you can’t get in a group setting or by reading a self-help book.

Let's work together to get clarity on what's important to you and figure out the very best ways for you to achieve those goals. 

In these sessions, we'll uncover some of your challenges and blocks and actively work on steps that will help you overcome those obstacles. 

Some aspects we might cover in our consulting sessions:

  • Making sex and love less awkward
  • Learning to ask for what you want
  • Steps to being a better lover
  • Evaluating whether your current relationship is serving you
  • Having more connected sex (casual or otherwise)
  • Building boldness and playfulness with potential partners
  • The very best way to have a difficult conversation
  • Cutting through early stage dating ambiguity and awkwardness
  • Increasing intimacy in your relationships

“Sometimes you need is an unbiased sounding board; someone to talk to who will look at your situation objectively and help pull your deepest thoughts and concerns to the surface so you can face them head on. 

When I needed someone outside my network of friends and family, but I wasn’t quite ready for therapy, Shaun was the perfect consult. He helped me air my thoughts without passing judgement, provided unbiased feedback, and gave me the confidence to choose the best path forward for me."

-Client who prefers to remain anonymous for safety reasons

Want more connected + playful sex?

Yeah, me too. I want more connected sex and relationships with those around me. The best way to do that is to increase the level of intimacy between me and my partners. 

Whether it's casual sex you want, or more frequent sex with your partner, or something in the middle, we can design it.

Deeper intimacy leads to more satisfying relationships and a deeper sense of fulfillment with life. Life is too short for surface level intimacy and low-level lovers. 

Want less awkwardness?

Together we can make it less awkward. Whether you're struggling with new relationships, your long-term partner, or something in between, we'll find the very best way to make it less awkward. 

Early stage dating is fraught with awkwardness. Learn how to communicate in a way that is clear, direct, playful and will reduce the anxiety, flakiness, and awkwardness that often plagues the beginning of relationships.

Talking about sex can be terribly uncomfortable. Learn ways to ask for what you want, navigate tricky subjects, and bring up just about anything with a sense of ease and playfulness. 

Five Questions You'll Need Answers To

1. Are you a therapist?

No, this isn't therapy. We're not going to talk about your childhood. We're going to discover what you're looking for out of life and find a way to get it. 

We'll build a plan that you can execute on, and we'll clear away blocks that may be preventing you from having the kinds of relationships and sex life you want to be having. 

2. What's your background?

I have a degree in Communications (theory, interpersonal, group, family) from the University of California at Santa Barbara. I'm also a California State Certified Rape Crisis Counselor and I've been talking about sexuality and intimacy in a professional capacity for over 5 years. 

I've worked in technology sales, hospitality, and even did a brief stint as a taxi driver. I've spent my life connecting with people, building long lasting intimacy, and talking about sex. 

3. Do you work with women?

I do. My dating life is from the perspective of a man who dates women, but at the end of the day, we're all humans and we all essentially function the same way.

Sex and love can be awkward for anyone regardless of gender, race, or who you're attracted to. 

4. What does working with you cost?

That depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. Some folks need one session to address a particular situation while others prefer to work with me on a weekly basis. The choice is yours. 

The first step is booking a 30-minute Free Love Advice consultation. >>>>Do that here<<<

5. What if you can't help me?

We'll probably figure that out in the free introductory call. 

If we choose to work together and you're unhappy with my work, I'll gladly refund your money. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

What you can expect from your first free call:

  • An intake form to help highlight the focus of The Love Drive Consulting Session
  • A 30-minute video session with Shaun Galanos
  • A Recap Email within 24 hours of your call outlining some of the major bullet points from your session as well as suggestions for moving forward
  • A copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Sexual People and the 3 Kickass Conversation Starters

Ready to schedule your free call?

Note from Shaun: I’m committed to your complete satisfaction with The Love Drive Consulting services. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with The Love Drive Consulting services, a 100% money back guarantee is open for 15 days from date of purchase.