Mismatched Libidos in Relationships with Kai Werder

A podcast on mismatched libidos

    In this episode, Kai Werder, a sex educator, coach, and healing and wellness practitioner, discusses desire discrepancy in relationships. What to do when your partner has a different libido than you do? 

    Kai walks us through the tools and the steps to be taken, individually and as a couple. 

    When you find yourself with mismatched libidos, it could be a great time to explore your desire and improve your communication. 

    What you'll learn (or why you should care):

  • Get curious about how we define desire, sex, and libido! When we do so, it might open up new conversations and practices of desire and allows you to get creative about filling that need
  • How to deal with mismatched libido and what tools and steps are available to you and your partner. 
  • Shaun and Kai share their most loved intimacy practices outside of the realm of sex to deepen the connection with our partner without genital stimulation. 
  • Shaun shares the 3 part invite to invite new techniques to his love life.

  • Where to find Kai:

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