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How To Make (Adult) Friends 101 with Jillian Richardson


How To Make Adult Friends 101 with Jillian Richardson

Loneliness is a systemic issue, and a huge problem in the United States (and probably around the world).

It's hard making friends as an adult, and lots of folks are unsatisfied with their adult friendships. So what are we to do?

Jillian Richardson is the creator of The Joy List NYC and the author of Unlonely Planet: How Healthy Congregations Can Change The World.

Today, we're talking about how to make friends as an adult living in a society that it isn't set up for connection and community. 

What you'll learn (or why you should care):

• How connection is the best way to heal trauma

• Skills required to crate connection and make new friends

• The importance of creating the spaces you want to see in the world

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