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Gender and Technology with Julia Dyck

The Full Gender In Technology Podcast Episode

How to solve the gender gap in tech, consent in early-stage dating, and speaking up about sexism in group settings. 

How does the gender of the people developing technology affect how we use those technologies? What role does sexuality play in the modern workplace?

I didn't think gender played that much of a role in technology, until I realized that the folks who develop our technology play an important role in how we interact with our tools, our devices, and our machines. 

I've invited Julia Dyck to talk with me about gender in technology, the role and impact of sexuality in the workplace, and how to speak up when you recognize problematic sexist speech in group settings. 

We also discuss the pros of consent in early-stage dating, and how talking about sex can make for better sex. 

Sit back, relax, and and enjoy the show. 


Gender In Technology Episode Trailer


Gender In Technology Show Notes

Find out more about Julia Dyck on her website.

Read Julia's article Siri is Not 'Genderless.'

Listen to Julia's radio show: The XX Files.

Read my article on The Good Men Project: How Being Sex Positive Can be a Career Killer. 

Shaun Galanos produces this show with the help from Gilford Street Studios. 

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