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How To Ask Someone Out When You’re In A Hurry

In A Hurry

Life is hectic. Between work, trying to stay active, running errands and maintaining a social life, it's a miracle if we squeeze a bit of time in to meet new people.

Every now and then though, we meet someone in the daily rush of life with whom we really connect. Too bad we're probably late from our overbooked life to really take advantage of that connection. If only there was a way to continue the conversation at a later date. 

Oh right, there is. Here's a simple way to ask someone out when you're in a hurry...​


Life is busy when you're overbooked

in a hurry

I'm always cutting it close

Life is pretty awesome. There's a lot to take advantage of, and certainly not enough time to do it all. Between work, friends, family, traveling, exercise, feeding yourself, and whatever hobbies you might have, we're not left with much disposable time. 

We multitask to try to get the most out of life and we jam our days full to take advantage of every moment. 

This doesn't leave us with a lot of wiggle room for unplanned activities. That's too bad because life's unexpected surprises can really bring some added joy to your life. 

Like meeting a cutie in line at the coffee shop...

I like it tight

I'm not often late, but I cut everything close. 

This works great, until something unplanned happens in my day. When this happens, it can send the whole day crashing down. I go from being in a hurry to hopelessly late. 

One flat tire on my bike on the way to the gym, or a friend dropping by can set in a motion a domino effect where I'm now late to everything. 


​So much for leaving some wiggle room for life's unexpected surprises. Like meeting a cutie when you're in a hurry. 

A cutie in a hurry​

Sometimes you meet someone in your daily life that just makes you smile. 

Maybe you run into them at the grocery store, or she's standing in line next to you at the coffee shop, or he hops on the treadmill next to yours as you're wrapping up your workout. 

Regardless of where you meet, you weren't expecting it and you hadn't planned for it. This chance encounter doesn't fit into your tightly packed day. 

But now you've started talking to them and you're pleasantly surprised at how easy the conversation seems to be going. 

in a hurry

I'm late, I'm late. For a very important date!

You'd love for this to continue forever but it's getting to that point where you both realize it's time to move on and that you're in a hurry.

Either you're completely blocking the produce ​aisle at Whole Foods, or you've both ordered your coffee and needing to be in the office, or you're running late for a dinner party. 

Whatever the rush is, you can feel the rush

A person like this doesn't come around often; unexpected surprises of this caliber are few and far between. 

But you need to go and aren't sure how keep in touch. Asking for her Facebook won't work because you've been out of high school for how many years now? 13?

How do you keep the conversation going even though you're literally needing to run out the door? 

How do you communicate that you'd love to keep the conversation going at a later date?

If only there was an easy way to say just that.

Oh wait, there is.

Ask 'em out, even when you're in a hurry

Life happens at the pace life happens at. Sometimes you meet someone you'd love to spend a whole evening with, but you only have 5 minutes to chat. ​

How can you turn a lovely 5 minute conversation into something longer?

Easy. ​

Whenever you're in a hurry, or feeling rushed, and in the middle of an awesome conversation with someone you're attracted to, say this:

”I need to run but I’d love to continue this conversation with you another time. Wanna grab coffee sometime?

Shaun Galanos

I know. How basic.

But if you know anything about me is that I need everything to be honest, easy, and direct. 

And it doesn't get more honest, easy, and direct than this...

Yes or no

That's the answer you'll probably get. 

If they say yes, then ask them for their phone number. Or give them yours. Also, great job. 

If they say no, say,

"Oh OK! Had a blast chatting with you, have an awesome day/afternoon/evening!"

Or maybe they'll say, 

Shaun Galanos

”I have a boyfriend”

Which is a weird way of saying "no" I think.

"Oh OK! Had a blast chatting with you, have an awesome day/afternoon/evening!"

Life is short, but it's also packed as hell

With more and more distractions vying for our attention, it can be hard to remember to look up every once in a while and appreciate the present moment. I struggle with this on an hourly basis. 

Sometimes the best thing we can do is shove our phone deep in our pocket, pause every now and then, look up, and smile.

There's a beautiful world happening around you, and you better be present to take advantage of life's unexpected surprises. 

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