Group Coaching for January

Two groups for Open Your Heart to Love

Two groups for Desires, Needs, and Dreams

Four people each. Pick the one that resonates

Hey, lovebird. I'm offering two intimate group coaching programs for January (and the first week of February). 

Pick the group that resonates with you the most. These groups are live and won't be recorded. Make sure the day and time works for you. 

Open Your Heart to Love

There's nothing easy about opening up your heart to love. Often, we close our hearts for a reason. Closing up is a defense mechanism; it's in place to protect your precious heart. It's there to prevent you from getting cripplingly wounded.

And at the same time, it blocks you from being available to love. 

How can you taste the fruits of love and intimacy if you don't open up that precious heart, slowly and over time, to people who show up wanting to know you?

You can't. Love requires vulnerability and openness. 

Being emotionally available means being open to getting hurt, and it also means being open to the deepest and juiciest kind of love possible. You can't open up to one and not the other. 

And, you can minimize your risk by being careful with who you allow into your heart.

The best way to maximize love while reducing pain is by identifying those who are available to the full richness of the human experience and opening up to them slowly over time. 

Together, we'll work on opening your heart up to those who are worthy of it. 

Group one: Tuesdays on January 14, 21, 28, and February 4 at 9 AM PST / 12 NOON EST / 5 PM LONDON

Group two: Tuesdays on January 14, 21, 28, and February 4 at 12 NOON PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM LONDON

Desires, Needs, and Dreams

You have unmet needs. Either the needs aren't clear to you, or you're scared of asking for those needs to be met for fear of rejection.

Whatever the reason, your unmet needs are standing in the way of more profound and more fulfilling relationships. They are preventing you from building the kind of love life you can be proud of. 

Learning to identify those needs, and the language and courage necessary to express them can have a life-changing impact on the relationships with those closest to you. 

A simple (but difficult to have) conversation often stands between a good relationship and a great one.

Together, we'll explore your unmet needs, how they are different from your desires, and what you can do to get closer to your dream relationship.

We'll come up with ways to have those needs met, and the language to help those around you meet your needs. 

Group one: Wednesdays on January 15, 22, 29, and February 5 at 9 AM PST / 12 NOON EST / 5 PM LONDON

Group two: Wednesdays on January 15, 22, 29, and February 5 at 12 NOON PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM LONDON

Here's the format I propose:

  • Four 75 min group video calls
  • One 15 min private wrap up call
  • A post-program harvest document of the gems and significant takeaways of our time together
  • Access to the invite-only Lovebird Club on Facebook
  • Limited to four participants per group

The price is 267 USD. There are four spots available for each group.

If you're ready to get going, pick your group now. 

"[Working with Shaun helped me grow] into my heart and began cultivating a richer understanding of the love that I am intrinsically worthy of receiving. I leaned into those unmet parts of my soul and learned to show up for myself in a way I'd never been able to."

― Anne Jolin Rissling, former client and lovebird

"We laughed a lot, I cried a few times, and I always felt heard, supported, and nudged into being totally honest with myself/him. I feel like I've gained a true ally in the life long work I'm doing on myself."

― Client who wishes to stay anonymous

"I felt heard, seen, and understood. I gained confidence in standing tall in what I want! I learned how normal I am [and that...] the intimate relationship and healthy communication I desire are so possible."

― Daniella Lucia Brause, former client and lovebird


What does a call look like?

We'll meet using Zoom video.

We'll spend the first 15 minutes checking in. You'll take turns sharing how you're coming into the session (your emotional state) and what has come up for you in the past week around your group topic.

Then one of you will be coached by me on your topic for approximately 35 minutes. Everyone will have their turn in the loveseat. The other group members will turn their cameras off during your coaching session and witness the call in silence (with their microphone off).

Then, each member will take a turn sharing what came up for them about the topic, and I (Shaun here) will tie it all together at the end of the call. 

Why group coaching?

Group coaching allows you to learn while bearing witness to another's coaching experience. You'll have the opportunity to relate with the story of another and draw parallels to your life. These aha moments are often impactful and unexpected. 

Group coaching fosters community. You'll become invested in the wellbeing of your fellow group members. You'll begin to see yourself in their struggles, and they'll see themselves in yours. It's a beautiful container and a unique experience. 

You get more coaching for your dollars. Private one-to-one coaching with me costs $155/50 min session. For $267, you'll receive over 5 hours of coaching. While it's not personally directed at you the whole time, you'll resonate with the stories that emerge, and those can be incredibly impactful in your life. 

I have to miss a call. Will it be recorded? 

For the sake of confidentiality, video calls will not be made available to the participants. I record the calls to help with the group's harvest document, but they won't be available for review. I invite you to take notes and to be present for what will unfold with the group.

It's fine to miss a session, though make sure not to lose your turn in the 'love seat.' 

What tf is a harvest document?

A harvest document is a collection of the major takeaways, gems, pearls of wisdom, and 'aha moments' that will take place during your groups' programs. Because every group is different, every takeaway is different. We intend to provide you with a document that accurately reflects the fruit this particular group was able to harvest together. 

Also, this harvest allows you to relax into the experience, knowing that we'll share with you the significant takeaways.

I'm nervous; what do you mean by 'love seat'?

You're signing up for a group coaching program. Everyone will spend ~ 35 mins in the 'love seat' while I coach you through what you want to work on. There is one loveseat per call, followed by a group checkout. 

When not in the love seat, I invite you to be present, witness your cohort receive coaching, and draw parallels from their story to yours. 

Are these video calls?

Yup. We're going to meet via Zoom Video Conferencing. You'll get all in the info you need to get up to speed using Zoom before the program begins. 

What's your refund policy?

Group coaching is non-refundable, though it is transferable. You may release your spot up to 72 hours before the start of the program. You can apply your payment to future group coaching programs (pending availability and any price difference).

I can't afford it; do you offer a discount?

Unfortunately, not for this group program. This pricing reflects the time and energy that I put into these groups. I'm offering it for the lowest price that makes sense for me.

You might want to consider The Intro to Modern Dating Workshop for a more affordable option, and keep your eye out for more lower-priced workshops coming in 2020. And, of course, the podcast and free love advice on Instagram will always be available to you. 

What is The Lovebird Club?

The Lovebird Club is a private Facebook* group, moderated by me (Shaun) for current and past clients of The Love Drive. Anyone having signed up for group coaching, one on one coaching or my upcoming video courses will receive an invite into the group. 

Members are committed to deepening their capacity to love and willing to do work required. You're encouraged to engage in conversation meant to support our collecting and individual well being. 

*Facebook is not my preferred platform, but it's the easiest to set up, and the one folks are most familiar with. 

How do I sign up?

Right here, you crazy lovebird!

Shaun Galanos

-Shaun Galanos

Head Lovebird (and proud of it)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me