Flirting with Confidence

The Flirting with Confidence course: Connect to love with courage, clarity, and respect

Do you want more confidence when talking to your crush?

Do you want tools and scripts to explore romantic connections with people without being terrified of rejection?

Would you like to flirt with authenticity and forwardness without coming off as creepy or pushy?

Do you want to connect to love (and to people to love) regularly and with playfulness?

If so, then this course is for you.

Here are some of the questions we'll answer in this course:

  • How can I make flirting seem more natural, comfortable, and fun? How can I do it with kindness and respect?
  • How do I break through the fear and go for it with confidence?
  • How do I find out if someone is interested in me? Are there signs? How can I approach a stranger that I find attractive?
  • What mindset is best to have when flirting? 
  • How can I convey that flirting is playful and not a promise of anything?
  • What's a healthy balance of being playful and serious when flirting?
  • How can I get more comfortable with small talk while staying genuine?
  • How to show I'm interested without being needy?

If you want to meet people to go on dates with, explore sexual connections with, and have fun with, then knowing how to flirt and connect will make a world of difference.

If you want to meet someone to build a lasting relationship with, then finding out who's available, single, and interested will significantly improve your chance of identifying that person.

Flirting is one beautiful way to connect romantically with people we're interested in and want to be in a relationship with.

Navigating this landscape can be tricky, scary, and awkward.

And, there's a way to do it with honesty, respect, and love. I'll show you how.

What you'll receive immediately:

  • 6 hours of recorded webinar sessions
  • A 62-page Comprehensive Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation, i.e., a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.
  • Access to The Lovebird Club A private Facebook group for fellow students to support each other and grow together.
  • Access to two months of  live Q&A Webinars (a total of four 60-min calls)

You receive unlimited and perpetual access to all of the above for 125 USD.

FAQ about the emotional availability workshop

Who is this workshop for?

Humans who want to flirt with humans. It doesn't matter where you're from, whatyour gender is, or who youre attracted to, we'll explore neutral ways to connect to love with people you're interested in and attracted to. 

I have a specific question, how can I ask it?

You'll get access to a comprehensive resource document. You can leave  question in the document and I'll answer it (give me 2 business days, please).

You also get access to two months of Q&A webinars (four sessions total) and you're welcome to submit a question then as well. 

What is The Lovebird Club?

The Lovebird Club is a private Facebook* group, facilitated by me (Shaun) for current and past clients of The Love Drive. Anyone having signed up for group coaching, private coaching or my upcoming video courses will receive an invite into the group. 

Members are committed to deepening their capacity to love and willing to do work required. You're encouraged to engage in conversation meant to support our collecting and individual well being. 

*Facebook is not my preferred platform, but it's the easiest to set up, and the one folks are most familiar with. 

Are you ready to go?

"Shaun is one of - if not the best - facilitator at taking commonly talked about concepts and explaining them in simple, powerful, and integrative ways.

Flirting with Confidence is a gamechanger.. 

If you're looking to shift your approach to dating, take this course and try out a new approach to dating and relationships! 

- Jake F, Flirting with Confidence Workshop Student
"It's so hard to know how to set boundaries without feeling guilty or awkward. Shaun helped me understand how to communicate what I want in a way that feels low-pressure, flirty, and fun. I'm using these skills forever!"

- Jillian Richardson, Flirting with Confidence Workshop Student
"Shaun is such a warm, genuine, and insightful guide. He helped me reflect on my flirting practices in a way that led to actionable steps for me to be more mindful of how I flirt with others.

I feel like I found a like-minded community of flirters who want to develop greater self-awareness. - 

- Elisabeth U., Flirting with Confidence Workshop Student

"Take this workshop! It will take the 'scary' out of flirting and provide super practical and real advice to apply in your romantic and any relationships. Highly recommend."


Sara P. Flirting with Confidence Workshop Student

This work is important for emotional healing, and Shaun makes it accessible and inclusive wherever you are on this journey."

- Carmen, Emotional Availability Workshop Student

"I have taken two workshops with Shaun, and I am impressed every time. He is a great communicator and breaks down complicated topics in an approachable way. Plus, you can connect with an amazing community of people committed to being their best selves."

- KimberlyEmotional Availability Workshop Student

"This work is important for emotional healing, and Shaun makes it accessible and inclusive wherever you are on this journey."

- CarmenEmotional Availability Workshop Student

"The workshop was packed full of information directly applicable to my life. Even though it was a well-attended class, Shaun made it feel warm and personal."


- Chuck, Emotional Availability Workshop Student


"Honestly, this workshop gives me tangible ways to be more present and not be so afraid and ashamed of my emotions. I am understanding the truth that becoming more available to myself will allow me to be more available to a partner.

This is priceless. Thanks for unlocking this in me, Shaun."


- Linda, Emotional Availability Workshop Student

Shaun Galanos

-Shaun Galanos

Head Lovebird (and proud of it)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.