Exploring Sexual Intimacy with Sade Ferrier

A podcast on sexual intimacy

In this episode, Sade Ferrier - an Associate marriage and family Therapist and Intimacy Coach - discusses sexual intimacy and how to feel safe in a relationship. Sexual intimacy is multidimensional, as she clarifies, it’s more than intercourse and more than sex. Sade shares the importance and challenges of accepting your lover and Shaun shares a practice called Desires, Fears, and Boundaries.

Shaun shares a useful practice for better communication about sex or intimacy practices based on understanding our desires, fears and boundaries.

What you'll learn (or why you should care):

  • What it means to feel safe in a relationship and how to do the work to reach that feeling
  • The problems with racial discrimination in the world of therapy & the concept of swirling
  • How to work with a therapist and how to build a trust-based relationship with the therapist

Where to find Sade :

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Sade Ferrier’s website

Learn the foundations of intimacy in her course ‘Communication 101: Sexual Intimacy’ 

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