How To Drive More Sex, Love, And Intimacy To Your Life

Shaun Galanos

Call me your consultant, coach, sidekick, or ally.

I've been working with people for 5 years; asking questions, listening to your real stories of sex and love, counseling through painful breakups, building relationships, fostering long-lasting intimacy, and helping people pursue the sex and love life they desperately want.

Not every problem can be solved with a blog post, an email, or a self-help book. You may have a unique situation, or a block you're unaware of.

Sometimes you need to talk things through. Whether it's a one-time call or ongoing support, I can help.t

There's no shortage of sex, love, and intimacy out there. It truly is yours for the taking.

Shaun Galanos

Sometimes you need to talk things through. Whether it's a one-time call or ongoing support, I can help.t

There's no shortage of sex, love, and intimacy out there. It truly is yours for the taking.

You deserve all the love and sex that you want, and there's no reason you shouldn't get it.

We'll work together to make sure that you do.

What Do You Want?

To Have More Sex

Whether it's casual sex you want, or more frequent sex with your wife or husband, or something in the middle, I can help. Think of your ideal sex life. We can design it.

To Meet More Women

We'll come up with easy solutions for you to start meeting amazing women. Meeting women and connecting with them won't be difficult, it'll become second nature to you.

To Develop Deeper Intimacy

Deeper intimacy leads to more satisfying relationships and a deeper sense of fulfillment with life. Life is too short for surface level intimacy. 

Top 8 Questions You Need Answers To Right Now

1. Are you a therapist?

No, this isn't therapy. We're not going to talk about your childhood. We're going to figure out exactly what you want, and how to get it.

We'll build a plan that you can execute on, and we'll clear away blocks that may be preventing you from having the kinds of relationships you want to be having. 

2. What's your background?

I have a degree in Communications (theory, interpersonal, group, family) from the University of California. I'm also a California State Certified Rape Crisis Counselor.

In my past life I was a successful Technology salesperson. I've spent my life connecting with people, fostering relationships, and building long lasting intimacy. 

3. Elephant in the room alert. You're good looking. How can you possibly help regular people?

Being good looking has helped me go on more dates than the average man, which translates to more experience that I can share with you.

Being good looking only gets you so far. You'll need more than looks to get sex, love, and intimacy. This is where I come in. 

4. Do you work with women?

I do. My dating life is from the perspective of a man who dates women. At the end of the day, we're all humans and we all function essentially the same way.

While my experience applies to both men and women, it can be powerful to have a man's perspective on how men think, feel, and act.

5. Are you obsessed with sex and love? What's the deal?​

No, but it's what I'm passionate about. You might be passionate about coding, design, writing, or cooking.

I'm passionate about sex and love and helping people have as much of it as they want, while developing healthy relationships to it. 

6. What does working with you cost?

That depends on the amount of work that needs to happen. The first step is booking a free 15 minute consult. Do that here.

7. What if you can't help me?

You can have your money back. I'm in the business of helping people find more love, sex, and intimacy in their lives.

If I can't help you, or you're unhappy with my work, I'll gladly refund your money. 

8. How do we start?

 Are you ready? Click here to book your consult now.

What Men Are Saying About Shaun

Working with Shaun has increased both the frequency and quality of the sex I'm having, without having to use one single cheesy pickup line. Easy as that. 

- Peter F. | Sales in Austin

Straight up - Shaun helped me turbocharge my sex life. Plus I met my current girlfriend in the process. 

- Sam L. | Writer in NYC

Shaun showed me that aside from knowing what I want, it’s having the language to express it that is not only the most important, but also the most challenging. He's really good at finding those words.

-Brian C | Developer in SF Bay

What Women Are Saying About Shaun

Shaun's  approach to meeting women is as honest, straight-forward, and sexy as any woman could hope.  

-Julie F. | Designer in Montreal

Shaun's perspective and advice on how men can get the sex they want without being creepy and gross is right on. Guys - listen to him, please.

- Amanda T. | Biologist in Boston

Shaun consistently puts out quality content advising men how to approach, charm, seduce, and pleasure women. His way of doing it works; it worked on me.  

- Florence | Masseuse in SF Bay