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VIDEO: How To Stop Losing Interest After Sex Right Now

Do you quickly lose interest after sex? Do you wish you could maintain excitement and great attraction even after having sex? 

Find out the top three reasons why you lose interest after having sex, and the top three ways that you can avoid losing interest after having sex.


It's such a disappointment to no longer be interested in someone right after having sex, especially if you thought there was something there. 

Unfortunately, it happens more than we want to admit, to both men and women. 

Watch the video and find out:

  • ​[1:11] Why do we lose interest after sex?
  • [1:51] Are you only into for the sex?
  • [2:15] Did you let arousal run the show?
  • ​[3:17] How to be honest about only wanting sex from someone​
  • [4:10] How to mutually lose interest in each other​
  • [5:24] ​Use The Brunch Standard to figure out if you're in it just for the sex of if there's something more there

​Also, excuse the funky color changes. The sun and the clouds were fucking up my lighting game today. 

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