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a couple of years ago

The Love Drive, Watch How It’s Made

The Love Drive

The Love Drive, a show about sex, love, and dating in San Francisco gets interviewed by filmmaker Eugene Huang for One Day In SF a project that investigates 10 questions about the future of your city.

Get a behind the scenes look at why I do the Love Drive, where the inspiration came from, how it gets produced, and my thoughts on where we’re headed as a city.

3 years ago

What Women Want, Loving Domination?

On today’s episode of The Love Drive, a show about sex, love, and dating, Matt and I continue our conversation on what women want, what they’ll do if they don’t get it, and how to give them what they want.

We touch on a few new concepts as well: loving domination, and consensual manhandling.

Find out what is built in, what is hardwired, and how to make her feel safe and secure.

3 years ago

Asking Women Out, The European Way

On today’s episode of The Love Drive, show about sex, love, and dating, we talk with a Swiss gentleman about his thoughts on asking women out. Dating is getting more complicated with the complexities of online dating, and men have lost the courage to go out and ask women out, in person.

Matt and Shaun share their tips on how to approach a woman, how to ask her out, and what women really want.

3 years ago

Girls Faking Orgasms And What To Do?

The Love Drive

The Love Drive is a show about sex, love, and dating. It gets filmed in a San Francisco Taxicab and Shaun dispenses his honest, direct, and playful brand of dating, sex, and love advice.

The Love Drive talks to this couple about faking orgasms, and what could be done instead.

Find out how many orgasms she gets, and what happens when she doesn’t get there.