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a few months ago

The 7 habits of highly sexual people. A guide for the sex starved.

highly sexual people

Why do highly sexual people have more sex than the rest of us? What can we do to catch up?

3 years ago I was driving a taxi in San Francisco

I’d come back from living in South America and I was broke. Driving taxi was fun at first, and then it was just brutal. And boring.

It’s a hard job. Driving 10 hours a day, getting home at 4 in the morning, frazzled from the beating my central nervous system took. I was cranked up at night and a zombie during the day.

Oh, and I had zero sex life but that’s not why I’m telling you this story

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a few months ago

My Therapists Unusual Advice About Alcohol Free Sex

sex without alcohol

I used to drink a lot, now I don’t drink at all

That’s what I tell women on the first date. They order a glass of wine, and I order a soda water. I get a little sideways look, but most don’t care. It’s not an issue for them. I attract people who don’t care.

I bore sloppy drunks and sloppy drunks bore me. We have an understanding to stay out of each others way.

Every now and then people are curious about why I stopped drinking alcohol. I tell them a short story.Continue reading

a few months ago

How To Talk About Sexual Health Like A Badass

I learned the hard way

I got HPV from one of the first people I had sex with. Lame. Nothing like having warts on your dick to really fuck up your self-esteem.

I didn’t want to get treated and I didn’t want to talk about it. I was embarrassed and ashamed. My parents didn’t find out for years. No one knew, not even some of the women I slept with. It was going to be don’t ask, don’t tell from here on out.Continue reading

a few months ago

Does ‘no strings attached sex’ exist? Here’s what people said and 4 tips on how to have it.

no strings sex

Yesterday, I asked friends on social media if ‘no strings attached sex’ existed.

The answer was a resounding…maybe.

Just like the current state of affairs in the United States, we are a nation divided when it comes to whether ‘no strings attached sex’ exists. Can people fully detach when engaging in the most intimate of activities together? I received 42 replies letting me know.

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a few months ago

Does giving him a blowjob make me gay?


Did giving a blowjob at the age of 16 mean I was gay? How did I go from being a straight male teen to blowing a dude in a bathroom stall?

Before Tinder there was AOL

I was 16 years old in 1998. Before the days of online dating. No Tinder, Grindr, or OKCupid. If Craigslist was around I certainly didn’t know about it.

For me that meant getting my jollies out the old fashioned way, via AOL chatrooms. Virtual meeting rooms where folks came together to chat on a variety of topics.Continue reading

a few months ago

Use The Brunch Standard to find out if you should have sex with them

brunch standard

Could having lots of sex be a problem? For a long time it wasn’t until I realized I was sometimes having sex for the wrong reasons.

My initial solution was to stop having sex altogether until I could figure out what was really happening. I then came up a framework to help me figure out who I should be having sex with. I went from being indiscriminately promiscuous to having a clear idea of when to have sex with someone by using The Brunch Standard.

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a few months ago

I’ve always wanted to go a sex party

first sex party

There’s a sex party happening somewhere

Living in San Francisco at the time I just knew I was probably within stones throw of some orgy. I’d been to Burning Man enough times to know that these things happen, man. I just needed to find out where, when, and how I could get in.

You’ve seen Eyes Wide Shut right? I’ve always assumed it was one of those kinds of things. You get told an address, whisper a secret passcode (“fidelo”) to a cloaked individual (you yourself must also be cloaked) and are then let into a dimly lit castle filed with beautiful naked bodies writhing everywhere. That’s all good and fine but how do you find out about the secret party in the first place?!

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a couple of years ago

HPV, herpes, and other STIs

The Love Drive
Click on this image or the link below to listen to the podcast

Click on this image or the link below to listen to the podcast

Today we discuss the differences between HPV and Herpes, the stigmas attached to these particular Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and also go into some of the lesser known STIs that you should really know about. To top it all off, we touch on how to keep yourself safe, and how to have the often difficult conversation about sexual health that should usually preclude a sexual encounter with a new partner.

Our guest this week is Julia, a nurse practitioner at a major sex and reproductive health clinic here in the SF Bay Area. She’s been working at this clinic for over 3 years and has seen thousands of patients. It’s clear that she’s really really good at what she does, and we’re really excited to have her on the show.

We had a lot of fun recording this podcast, hope you enjoy it!