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10 months ago

Looking for love in Tokyo on Christmas day

looking for love

Looking for love on the road

I’ve felt like this before. That feeling of traveling, of being on the road, and of desperately seeking connection but not quite knowing how to get it. Sometimes meeting a stranger at a coffee shop or the gym helps. Or having dinner somewhere lively and chatting with the wait staff.Continue reading

11 months ago

Getting over my crazy ex once and for all

my crazy ex

I never thought I’d be the one with a crazy ex.

Actually it’s not the ex that was crazy. It was shit that she did and the way I handled it that drove me to start acting crazy. I was the crazy one. How the hell did this happen?

Here’s how I found myself completely unhinged in a relationship and what I did to get out of it.

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11 months ago

How to go from ex to friend in 5 steps

ex to friend

Let’s be friends


If you’ve ever heard these words you know how hard they are to hear.

They’re also hard to say especially if you deeply care for the other person and still want them in your life. I’ve found myself on both the receiving end and the….opposite of the receiving end. Either way it’s gonna be hard.

How do we switch from sharing the same bed to having lunch every now and then? There can be so much pain at the end of a relationship. Is it really possible to transition to friendship?

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