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Why Women Don’t Want To Be Approached In Public (+ How To Do It)

Approaching Women in Public

How do I approach women in public without coming off as creepy?

I don’t have any issues with meeting women at parties, or through friends, or online, but I have a hard time going up to women and talking to them in public.

No shit. There’s probably a good reason for that. 

It's a crazy gamble these days to approach women in public. You have no idea how they’re going to react. Here’s why it's risky as fuck and what to do if you decide to go for it anyway. 

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6 months ago

4 Things To Do When Asking Someone Out + 10 Cheap Date Ideas


Sadly, the art of courtship is dead. 

Instead of being charming and original when asking someone out, we opt for a quick text asking someone if they want to hang out. And unfortunately it works because sadly that's the state of dating right now. But it doesn't have to be. 

You. You're different, and you're ready to take your game to the next level. Use these 4 upgrades to dramatically increase your odds of going on more dates. ​

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7 months ago

Why You Shouldn’t Slow Fade Your New Relationship

slow fade

Ending new relationships can be tricky. You’ve been on a few dates and you already know it’s not going to work. The chemistry isn’t there, or the values don’t line up.

Whatever the reason, it’s tempting to start slow fading her, taking longer and longer to reply to texts, and rescheduling dates until she eventually stops calling.

Here’s why it’s a toxic practice, and what you can do instead when you're losing interest in your new relationship.

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7 months ago

How To Find Out If Your New Crush Is Over It


​Is she over it? Everything seemed to be going your way. You were having fun and the sex was good. Then all of a sudden, she cancels without rescheduling, takes longer to respond, and seems busier than usual. 

It can be hard to read a new crush. Is she really busy or slowly ghosting you?

How do you find out if your new crush is over it or still interested without looking needy and desperate?

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8 months ago

How To Ask Someone Out When You’re In A Hurry

In A Hurry

Life is hectic. Between work, trying to stay active, running errands and maintaining a social life, it's a miracle if we squeeze a bit of time in to meet new people.

Every now and then though, we meet someone in the daily rush of life with whom we really connect. Too bad we're probably late from our overbooked life to really take advantage of that connection. If only there was a way to continue the conversation at a later date. 

Oh right, there is. Here's a simple way to ask someone out when you're in a hurry...​

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