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How To Find Out If Your New Crush Is Over It


​Is she over it? Everything seemed to be going your way. You were having fun and the sex was good. Then all of a sudden, she cancels without rescheduling, takes longer to respond, and seems busier than usual. 

It can be hard to read a new crush. Is she really busy or slowly ghosting you?

How do you find out if your new crush is over it or still interested without looking needy and desperate?

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How To Make A Casual Sex Date Not Awkward

sex date

Dear Love Drive, 

I need advice on how to just hookup with someone. I want to set up a sex date but don't want it to be awkward. 

I've gotten some matches on Tinder that are looking to hookup, but I don't know how to approach the situation.

I've done one night stands before, but I've never driven over to someone's house for the sole intention of hooking up.

How do I go about it without the situation being awkward? I have a major tendency to overthink every situation. What are some tips on not being nervous and just enjoying the moment?

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