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How To Ask Someone Out When You’re In A Hurry

In A Hurry

Life is hectic. Between work, trying to stay active, running errands and maintaining a social life, it's a miracle if we squeeze a bit of time in to meet new people.

Every now and then though, we meet someone in the daily rush of life with whom we really connect. Too bad we're probably late from our overbooked life to really take advantage of that connection. If only there was a way to continue the conversation at a later date. 

Oh right, there is. Here's a simple way to ask someone out when you're in a hurry...​

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3 weeks ago

Have More Sex By Being Crazy Honest About Sex

honest about sex

Sometimes you go on a date with a woman and right off the bat you know there's no chemistry. But she's attractive, the conversation is easy, and you start to think that having sex with this woman would be pretty damn awesome. 

If only there was a way of clearly communicating your desires without leading her on, and increasing your chances of getting laid. 

It's completely possible to be honest about sex without coming off looking like a player. Here's how....

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