June 13, 2014

Learn to ask for what you want

Learn To Ask For What You Want

If someone asked you what you were looking for – would you even know?

Are you wasting your time, dating the wrong people for the wrong reasons? And by that same token – are you wasting plenty of other really nice peoples time because you’re scared of being honest, truly honest about what you really want? Learn to ask for what you want.

The more I talk to friends about this the more I’m convinced we’re having a hard time being honest about what we’re really looking for.

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June 10, 2014

5 Ways to Kill a Potential Relationship

5 Ways to Kill a Potential Relationship

Basic dating etiquette everyone should know.

You can’t really control what’s going to happen in a relationship, but you can certainly avoid common pitfalls. Learn the 5 ways to kill a potential relationship and you just might end up with longer lasting relationships.

1. Spend more time on your phone than with your girl.

Seriously guy – drop the phone. I don’t even want to see your phone out on a date,period. Put it on silent, drop it in your pocket,  and leave it there.

The coolest thing happening in your life right now – is that a girl has actually agreed to spend time with you. Nothing kills the potential like spending more time on your phone than paying attention to your date.

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June 5, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Not To Facebook Friend Your New Crush

Friend request from my crush? Ignore…

You might think I’m crazy for suggesting not to facebook friend your new crush – but here are my top reasons why it’s best not to.

1) It’s unnatural.

It’s unnatural to know so much about someone so soon after meeting them. It’s too much information with insufficient context. It’s the equivalent of being given cliff notes to your new love interest.

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