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VIDEO: The 7 Secrets To Better Boners (Boost Your Testosterone)

As men get older, the frequency and hardness of our erections decreases. That’s just the way it works. But why do we get decreased erections, and how can we get better erections, naturally?

That’s what we’re here to talk about. Watch the video or read the blog. Your boner (and your partner) will thank you.

My buddy and kinesiologist/biohacker Matt Gallant walks us through all natural ways to boost our testosterone and get our morning erections back on track. 


Watch The Video, Your Boner (and Your Girlfriend) Will Be Glad You Did

Two Main Problem: Lower Testosterone + Lower Blood Flow

These are the two main reasons men start to lose their ability to get frequent and vigorous erections.

As men age, their bodies (our bodies god damnit!) produce less and less testosterone. Men peak in term of testosterone production in their mid 20s, and it's all downhill after that. 

The other factor affecting our libido and our ability to get and maintain strong erections is blood flow to the penis, or lack thereof. We'll touch on what you can do to achieve better blood flow to your penis later in the article (or you know, just watch the video!). 

Other than taking dick pills and resorting to TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), we can focus on all natural ways of increasing our T levels. That's what this blog and video is about. 

Read More About How To Get Better Erections, You Won't Be Disappointed

Links To Every Product We Discussed

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Sleep Deeper and Cooler using Chillipad - https://www.chilitechnology.com/

Blast Your Wang and Open Up your Capillaries using BEMER WANG Tech https://goo.gl/LfVp4v

The Replacement To The Little Blue Pill using GainsWave: http://gainswave.com/

Learn More About Matt Gallant; Serial Entrepreneur, Life Optimizer, Practical Spirituality Student Here: http://mattgallant.tv/

Skip To The Good Parts

You should really watch the video if you care about the hardness of your boners but if you absolutely must skip ahead, here's the timestamps for the video:

[00:40] Fundamentals of Decreased Erections, Why It Happens

[01:15] Dietary Hacks, Saturated Fat, Animal Product Substitutes

[02:15] Vitamin D Hacks And Why We Need Daily Sun Exposure

[03:45] How To Lower Your Estrogen

[04:15] Resistance Training and it's Effects On Testosterone

[05:07] Effects of Low Testosterone

[08:50] Late Meals, Caffeine, and Their Effect On Deep Sleep

[09:40] Boner Tech, Wang Tech, Increased Blood Flow for Better Erections

[11:45] More Sex And Winning Leads to More Testosterone

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