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7 months ago

Why Do I Have Trouble Sleeping With Someone After Sex?

trouble sleeping

I’m a healthy male and I have trouble sleeping, or falling asleep with a woman in bed with me. I’ll toss and turn for hours. I first noticed this when I would have one night stands or after sex on the first date, but now I’m in a relationship and I still don’t sleep well with her.

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7 months ago

VIDEO: The 7 Secrets To Better Boners (Boost Your Testosterone)

better erections

As men get older, the frequency and hardness of our erections decreases. That’s just the way it works. But why do we get decreased erections, and how can we get better erections, naturally?

That’s what we’re here to talk about. Watch the video or read the blog. Your boner (and your partner) will thank you.

My buddy and kinesiologist/biohacker Matt Gallant walks us through all natural ways to boost our testosterone and get our morning erections back on track. 

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7 months ago

VIDEO: Everything You Need To Know About Super Gonorrhea

Super Gonorrhea

You’ve probably seen a bunch of scary articles lately about a new drug resistant strain of gonorrhoea called SUPER GONORRHOEA.

Here's what Super Gonorrhea is it, how worried should you be, and how can you protect yourself.

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7 months ago

What’s The Best Place To Meet My Life Partner?

life partner

I’m a 29 year old guy who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

I’m searching for my life partner. How do I meet women for dating if I do not drink?I’m too shy to just pick up random women on the street.

Do I have any alternatives to online dating?

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7 months ago

What Are The Best Ways To Make Myself More Attractive?

more attractive

I have a hard time meeting women because I’m not that attractive. I’m just worried that I’m too ugly to date. Is there anything I can do to make myself more attractive?

I Asked Women What They Wanted 

Last month I asked women what they looked for in a guy.

This is what they said:

Humor. Passion. Charm. Humor. Confidence. Humor. Flexibility. Independence. Confidence. Humor.

Not one said looks. Sure, they could've been lying.

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7 months ago

How To Conquer Life And Find Love While Being Yourself 100%

Being Yourself

I wasn’t always 100% me.

I often did things or said things that I thought you wanted me to do or say, because I desperately wanted you to love me and accept me. 

Not being myself came at a price, though. The more I did for you, the less I did for me. 

Here's how being yourself will help you conquer life and find love, all the while loving yourself more than you ever have. 

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