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a couple of months ago

Why Meeting Women In Bars Is The Worst

Meeting Women In Bars

Dear Love Drive,

I’m really struggling meeting women in bars. I go out a few times a week with some friends. I’m friendly, respectful, and fun (I think so) but I always get the cold shoulder from women in bars.

Maybe they think I’m looking for one night stands?

What am I doing wrong?

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a couple of months ago

4 Things To Do When Asking Someone Out + 10 Cheap Date Ideas


Sadly, the art of courtship is dead. 

Instead of being charming and original when asking someone out, we opt for a quick text asking someone if they want to hang out. And unfortunately it works because sadly that's the state of dating right now. But it doesn't have to be. 

You. You're different, and you're ready to take your game to the next level. Use these 4 upgrades to dramatically increase your odds of going on more dates. ​

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a few months ago

How To Ask For Sex On The First Date The Right Way

sex on the first date

Ever wonder what you can do or say to increase your odds of having sex on the first date?

There’s a taboo against talking about sex on the first date. And for the most part, it can be a huge turn off if it’s not done properly.

So how do you do it properly and avoid getting a drink thrown in your face?

Read on my friend, read on.

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a few months ago

Talking About Sex Will Make You Better At Sex

talking about sex

Talking about sex can be awkward. We never learned from our roles models, sex ed was a joke, and it’s often easier to bumble our way through sex than take the time to learn how to effectively communicate with our partner about sex.

But talking about sex will absolutely increase the quality of your sex, the intimacy between you and your partner, and the frequency of awesome satisfying sex.

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