Shaun Galanos

More Connection. More Love. Less Games.

We all deserve love and we shouldn't have to play games to get it

That's Me, Shaun. With the Heart on His Nose

I'm a lover of people and an (at times) over-communicator. ​I believe that honest, simple, and playful communication is the answer to more connected relationships.

No matter where we're from, or who we're attracted to, deep down we're all looking for more authentic relationships, with ourselves and with the people around us. 

What is The Love Drive?

The Love Drive is what happened when I merged my desire for honest communication with my passion for all things sex and love.  

I make videos and write articles designed to help you connect with others, without playing games. 

Why Me?​

I can't get enough of people, and why they do what they do. Especially when it comes to sex and love. 

I studied Communications at university, spent 7 years selling technology products, ran a hostel in Panama, and drove a taxi in San Francisco. I've spent my life talking to people and connecting with them.

Now I live and work in Montreal helping people find love, communicate effectively, and come up with the very best ways to say difficult things.  

Let's connect using the social media buttons below, and thanks for dropping by. ​

Shaun Galanos

Now What?

Shaun Galanos